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9-module downloadable videos. This 3-hour course let’s you work at your own pace!


3 Bonus PDFs on blog topics, LinkedIn icebreakers and interview prep


Bonus video module “Pitch-a-Palooza” on the secret tool for pitches and coverage

You'll love the no-nonsense style and proven hacks in this 9-module course. 

Develop the confidence and skills you need to create content that builds communities, credibility and income.  

The approach is simple: Give the media and influencers interesting information that's helpful--not salesy. 

Today, everyone has a press pass. Learn how to access decision-makers and maximize your visibility and expertise. 

Let's build long-lasting relationships.

Create Remarkable PR Now is for: 

  •  Entrepreneurs who want the confidence to self-promote  
  •  Professionals who want to "become known"  
  •  Dynamos who want shortcuts to create posts--and a content calendar 


  •  Women who want to develop their writing, storytelling and video skills to build a community of loyal followers 

  •  New and seasoned entrepreneurs who want to be seen as a trusted authority  

  •  Pros who want to build lasting relationships with online influencers and traditional journalists  

  •  Solo entrepreneurs who want tons of content without losing their sanity!  


  •  Owners who want to consistently be visible on social media 

  • Leaders who want free resources and tech tools to save precious time  

  •  Women entrepreneurs who want support and inspiration from someone who has done it for 19 years!

You’ll Discover:  

✓ The key phrase that drives business growth

✓ The 5-step "confidence" plan to quiet your doubts and

 pitch hard-to-reach reporters  

✓ How to get influencers drooling over your pitches (for $0)  

You’ll Discover:  

✓ How to create a profile and template of your ideal client 

✓ 5 ways to use your content and market to prospects 

✓ Tips on how to develop your online voice and presence  

You’ll Discover:  

✓ The No. 1 way to a pipeline of never-ending story ideas  

✓ How to tell a fabulous business story that resonates 

✓ 8 ways to become a trusted authority in your niche — and make more money  

You’ll Discover:  

✓ Answers to 5 common questions on blogging 

✓ 7 blog styles and formats to keep readers interested–and returning 

✓ Tips for crafting memorable headlines that capture people’s attention  

You’ll Discover:  

✓ Real-world examples of how to uncover terrific topics in under 30 minutes 

✓ 9 ways to create fresh content 

✓ How to find (precious) time for quality posts and videos—without stressing!  

You’ll Discover:  

✓ How to figure out what is newsworthy 

✓ A complete breakdown of the perfect pitch—as told by seasoned pros! 

✓ 5 essentials when following up with reporters  

You’ll Discover:  

✓ Icebreaker tips for building long-lasting relationships 

✓ 5 “not-so-obvious” to capture the attention of movers and shakers 

✓ How to manage a database of reporters and influencers  

You’ll Discover:  

✓ 2 essential phrases you must have in your marketing plan 

✓ How 1 placement can bring loads of media attention 

✓ Easy ways to repurpose content for traditional and social media 

You’ll Discover:  

✓ 4 kinds of content to keep you in the spotlight 

✓ 5 tech tools for saving time and scheduling posts 

✓ AND… Your 15-Point REMARKABLE PR PLAN!  


Meet Your Instructor, Susan Young  

Susan Young — CEO of Get in Front Communications — is an award-winning publicity strategist. She is a former news reporter and PR entrepreneur.  

Since 2000, Susan has been providing in-person and online programs to thousands of business professionals.  

A New Jersey native, Susan began her career in radio newsrooms in the 1980s and 90s. She was an on-air reporter, anchor and news director, interviewing everyone from homeless people to presidents. Susan also ran the Office of Radio and Television for Governor Christine Todd Whitman. In addition, Susan worked as a PR director for a statewide non-profit, The Arc of New Jersey.  

Susan is a graduate of Quinnipiac University. Her favorite accomplishment: Being named one of the ’75 Badass Women on Twitter.’ (@sueyoungmedia)  

On the personal side, Susan has been married (to the same man) for 29 years. They have a grown daughter and son. They live in San Antonio, Texas and get back to New Jersey often to enjoy family, friends, the beach... and tasty pizza.  

Rave Reviews!

“Susan lays it out for you step-by-step with ideas and resources galore. My experience with Susan’s training has been extraordinary.” 

— Colette Davenport, relationship and intimacy coach  

"The tools Susan shares for marketing and branding have been outstanding: simply delivered, understandable, efficient, practical and easy to implement. She's helped with our business communication and publicity and can do the same for you."

— Dr. Daria Messina, chiropractor 

“Susan knows how to connect, provide exceptional value, build credibility and cultivate relationships.” 

— Bob Burg, speaker and co-author of "The Go-Giver"  

"Susan is a top-rate trainer and great resource on PR."  

— Cynthia Hill, attorney