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Your Kick-Ass Content Marketing Plan: Create Your Content and Calendar in 4 Weeks

Do you know the phrase: “Get off the dime?”

It’s about getting “unstuck” and taking just one or two steps to move off of dead-center. To make progress.

“Your Kick-Ass Content Marketing Plan: Create Your Content and Calendar in 4 Weeks” is the starting point. 

It’s for entrepreneurs and business professionals like you. Hard-working folks who want to walk away with interesting topics AND a plan to share them on social media.  

What if you had a steady stream of creative ideas and content that gets shares and attention?  

Guess what…You Can!!! 


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Does This Sound Familiar: 

  • You secretly wonder how competitors are constantly cranking out great info and you desperately want to learn how to craft interesting content so you can be confident and get out there, too.  

  • You’re unsure how to begin writing a post and are camera-shy about video and how to even begin learning these skills, let alone mastering them. 

  • You’re worried you don’t have the time because you’re scrambling between business, family, pets, errands and life and you’re not a dang magician (totally been there!)  

  • You have a secret love affair with Netflix, Hulu, BuzzFeed and The Skimm but no idea how to learn the basics and advanced skills to grow your company and make more money.

  • You’re tired of hearing about other people’s breakthroughs and wonder how to share your gifts and talents with others  



  • Feel totally confident that you have the ideas to always be creating content your audience craves so you are seen as a trusted leader 
  • Have a clear marketing plan to share your content across social media
  • Create a buzz about your business, share your expertise and help people live happier and more fulfilling lives (and make money doin’ it!)

Your Solution is Here…and It’s Easy!  

Your Kick-Ass Content Marketing Plan: Create Your Content and Calendar in 4 Weeks 


Tips, techniques and easy-to-follow strategies are inside the 4-week workshop. 

The result? 

You’ll walk away with the confidence necessary to create attention-grabbing content. You’ll proudly post it for prospects, customers and influencers who eagerly share it. 

The approach is simple: Help people solve their problems with your expertise. No self-serving or pushy sales tactics. 

When you consistently post valuable and timely content on the right social media channels for your audience, your trust and credibility increases, too. 

Tap into an abundance of content so you can attract lots of fresh and exciting business opportunities!  

Here's What's Inside. 

I'll Show You...

WEEK 1: Uncovering Your Content

  • How to “time” your content with trends and current events in your niche 
  • The framework for creative topics and ideas that you love—and your audience will, too!
  • 9 ways to save time and cut stress (great for non-writers)  

WEEK 2 : Identifying Your Ideal Customer  

  • How to create a customer profile—and deliver the content they want 
  • 5 ways to show your audience you “understand” their challenges—and can help
  • Secrets on how to develop your online voice and presence
  • **BONUS #30/30: Find 30 topics in just 30 minutes in ANY niche (My special formula!)  

WEEK 3: Sharing Your Content  

  • The No. 1 way to “find your tribe” in our cluttered noisy world  
  • How to know where and when your audience is active—so you can grab their attention  
  • Hacks and tools for automating your content  

WEEK 4: Mapping Out Your Individual Plan  

  • The roadmap and chart to simplify your content distribution  
  • How to “plug and play” your hot topics into an easy-to-use plan 
  • How to easily freshen up old content 


1. SWIPE COPY: Download my PDF templates that show you a few of my most popular posts. You’ll see the inside writing techniques that you can easily use to grow your business.

2. SPECIAL VIDEO on how to write headlines and create new content ideas—tips from the pros! 

3. GUIDE: The Non-Tech Resource Guide for Non-Writers. My top 20 recommended tools to keep everything smarter, faster and simpler (especially if you’re on a budget).


“Susan really lays it out for you step-by-step with ideas and resources galore. My experience with Susan’s training has been extraordinary and I would encourage you to sign up for it. The value is there, I assure you." - Colette Davenport, relationship coach

“Susan helped me develop a crisp message that hit our target market. Susan’s years of experience has provided her with the wisdom and understanding of today’s social media and PR landscape. She is a masterful and supportive trainer.” –Carol Kivler, executive coach, mental health advocate.  

“Susan is one of today’s authorities who really understands strong content and social media. She knows how to connect, provide exceptional value, build credibility and cultivate relationships. Susan can help you get there a lot faster and a lot more effectively.”—Bob Burg, speaker and co-author of The Go-Giver

About Your Instructor, Susan Young 

I have a deep knowledge—and knack—for creating timely, valuable and compelling content and stories. I’ve spent years as a radio news reporter and have owned a social media and PR training company for 18 years. 

Consider me an “emotional archaeologist.” I have an invisible shovel. I show professionals how to uncover ideas and topics for their own content and audience. 

I’ve helped thousands of organizations increase their visibility, credibility and revenue. 

Happy to share my no-nonsense hacks, strategies, and tips with you in this new program!  


This training is for you if:

  • You want to engage and get new customers with great content so your income will grow.  
  • You’re a busy professional who knows online content will boost your credibility and influence.
  • You want shortcuts and hacks to add to your social media toolbox so you can automate things and get back to what you enjoy!  

The training isn’t for you if:

  • You aren’t willing to invest just 4 hours this month and some energy into learning new skills and taking action that can transform your professional and personal lives.
  • You insist you aren’t creative and don’t have the time to figure out social media content marketing.  


  • What if I’m not creative? No worries, that’s why I created this program! It takes all the guesswork out of which topics and ideas you can include in your content mix. I’ll show you how to “get out of your own way” and uncover the content that’s right under your nose! It will be fun because it’s your specialty area and you love your work! I’ll spoon-feed you exactly what you need. 


  • Do I get access to everything all at once? No, for the simple reason I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. That’s why this your Kick-Ass Content Calendar course (KACC) is set-up as a step-by-step course with a guided handout PDF, deep-dive video segments, action plans, bonus cheat sheets, templates, checklists, and more. Everything can be downloaded at your convenience, including the videos (MP4s) for future reference.  

Here are the details for the 4-week program:  

  • Receive a Monday morning email with a topic, introduction and short 2-to-5 minute video segments. (Topics are outlined above, Week 1, Week 2, etc.) 
  • Work on your weekly homework assignment (takes around 30 minutes) 
  • Use your individual Action Plan at the end of each week so you can apply what you’re learning. 
  • Jump on our Zoom Accountability Pop-In (ZAP session) on Thursday nights. I’ll be available for 15-30 minutes to answer any questions or challenges you have. Even BETTER…the group can help with encouragement, ideas and support, too!  


  • Do I need specific software or technology? Nope! This is easy and fast. PDF downloads and a video clip each week. For our Thursday evening ZAP sessions on Zoom, you can access the app free of charge. I’ll provide log-in details ahead of time. 

  • How long is the program? Most people spend around 1 hour a week on the email and assignment. All you do is read the Monday email and topic. Then complete the 30-minute assignment during the week. ZAP support calls take another 15 minutes or so on Thursdays…optional but everyone really gets lots of value. New friends are made as we are all navigating social media content together, so a tribe is critical for success and encouragement. So the final answer is ….under 90 minutes a week! 

  • Is there a payment plan? Sorry, but at this time, no, there is not. Here’s why. The course is significantly discounted from $297.00 AND YOU SAVE $100.00, so the total is just $197.00 for a LIMITED TIME! For a four-week course, you’ve got to make the commitment to invest in learning, right now. (Advanced versions of the program are coming soon and we’ll offer different prices and payment options) 

  • What’s the refund policy? We offer a 3-day, 100% money-back guarantee. We do this because we’re looking for serious and committed students only. I want folks who are action-oriented learners (who also like to have fun!) so we can all shine and enjoy positive experiences in our community. 

  • I have a question, who should I ask? We pride ourselves on having epic customer service. Drop us a note and you’ll get an instant response (from a real person) on any customer-related issues.  


Think about where you want to be six months from now or even ONE month from now. Do you have a clear plan and the skills to get you there?  

If you don’t have a strategic plan to achieve your marketing goals, then you can’t reasonably expect to get the results you want.  

So, you can keep floating along with no plan, hoping for the best and that something in your life will shift?


You can use the step-by-step plan in “Your Kick-Ass Content Marketing Plan: Create Your Content and Calendar in 4 Weeks.”  

Get the content ideas you need and the critical schedule of when and where to post so you can get in front of new customers who trust your expertise and insights. 

You’ll be seen as a valuable source in your niche with new customers, influence and opportunities so you can achieve your dreams faster than you can imagine. 

Use your content to make more money!